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Welcome to Jomson Controls & Automation ! The time spent at home with your loved ones is priceless. You can enjoy it even more by integrating music, movies, climate control, lighting, IP cameras, security, and the ability to control it all from wherever you are in the world. We at Jomson Controls make it happen! Jomson Controls is a Company that specializes in design and delivery of Electronics Lifestyle Systems that covers all aspects of domestic electrical installations. When you choose to utilize the services that Jomson Controls offer, we guarantee a professional, fast, and friendly service at all times in the execution of fully realized home entertainment, communication and automation systems.Every service provided in the Jomson Controls range has been finely tuned down to the very last detail, to maximize your living space, in a high quality, great value home. Jomson Controls is proud to offer our services to client's all around Sharjah..Dealer & integrator for Contrl4- USA- products in Kerala, supplier & integrator of all kind of home automation products,CCTV Installations In Kerala,CCTV Installations In Ernkulam,SECURITY SYSTEM IN KERALA,CCTV INSTALLATIONS IN KOTTAYAM, LIGHTING AUTOMATION IN KOCHI, LIGHTING AUTOMATION IN ERNAKULAM, LIGHTING AUTOMATION IN KOZHIKODE, HOME THEATER IN ERNAKULAM, GATE AUTOMATION IN ERNAKULAM,WE ARE THE AUTHORISED DEALER IN CONTROL4 TRIVANDRUM,LIGHT AUTOMATION IN TRIVANDRUM,SECURITY SYSTEM IN TRIVANDRUM,CCTV IN TRIVANDRUM,HOME THEATER IN TRIVANDRUM,GATE AUTOMATION IN TRIVANDRUM,,WE ARE THE AUTHORISED DEALER IN CONTROL4 KOLLAM,LIGHT AUTOMATION IN KOLLAM,SECURITY SYSTEM IN KOLLAM,CCTV IN KOLLAM,HOME THEATER IN KOLLAM,GATE AUTOMATION IN KOLLAM,WE ARE THE AUTHORISED DEALER IN CONTROL4 PATHANAMTHITTA,LIGHT AUTOMATION IN PATHANAMTHITTA,SECURITY SYSTEM IN PATHANAMTHITTA,CCTV IN PATHANAMTHITTA,HOME THEATER IN PATHANAMTHITTA,GATE AUTOMATION IN PATHANAMTHITTA,WE ARE THE AUTHORISED DEALER IN CONTROL4 ALAPUZHA,LIGHT AUTOMATION IN ALAPUZHA,SECURITY SYSTEM IN ALAPUZHA,CCTV IN ALAPUZHA,HOME THEATER IN ALAPUZHA,GATE AUTOMATION IN ALAPUZHA,WE ARE THE AUTHORISED DEALER IN CONTROL4 IDUKKI,LIGHT AUTOMATION IN IDUKKI,SECURITY SYSTEM IN IDUKKI,CCTV IN IDUKKI,HOME THEATER IN IDUKKI,GATE AUTOMATION IN IDUKKI,WE ARE THE AUTHORISED DEALER IN CONTROL4 KOTTAYAM,LIGHT AUTOMATION IN KOTTAYAM,SECURITY SYSTEM IN KOTTAYAM,CCTV IN KOTTAYAM,HOME THEATER IN KOTTAYAM,GATE AUTOMATION IN KOTTAYAM,WE ARE THE AUTHORISED DEALER IN CONTROL4 ERNAKULAM,LIGHT AUTOMATION IN ERNAKULAM,SECURITY SYSTEM IN ERNAKULAM,CCTV IN ERNAKULAM,HOME THEATER IN ERNAKULAM,GATE AUTOMATION IN ERNAKULAM, ,


LIGHTING INR 0 INR 0 A well-designed lighting system can change the environment in a home by enhancing and adding to a room's design and style. Lighting design adds to a room's aesthetics and can provide functional attributes like saving energy and improving security. Set the tone in your home with centralized lighting control. Accent a piece of art, create a mood for a party or an intimate evening, or block out heat with silent, remote-controlled window coverings. SCENE LIGHTING This lighting control system can significantly change the way you think about your house, providing every room with an aura of elegance with dimming and setting scenes, an extra blanket of protection for security, and unbeatable convenience. We cater to your each and every lighting need from Holidays to Dinner Parties. AUTOMATED LIGHTING Do you have some rooms that you would like to be lighted right when you walk into the room? You can set up a macro to monitor a motion sensor and turn on the light as soon as motion is detected. No matter your preference for one room or the entire home, Jomson Controls can automate your lighting with convenient, one-touch control of your home's natural and artificial light. HOME LIGHTING PACKAGE A convenient, beautiful and energy saving lighting system controlled from a single location with a single button or automatically scheduled to dim lights or brighten up the room or even save money by cutting out the waste of lighting unoccupied areas with Trespass Detectors that will warn you of intrusions on your property. The Package includes: Automated dimmers that lowers the light room by room or all together. Scheduler to turn lights on or off automatically according to occupancy in a particular room. Occupancy sensors that detects the presence and absence of person in a particular room and adjusts the lighting settings accordingly. Trespass detector automatically turns on the lights in your house as an alert when someone or something is approaching your house. Programming, Full installation and On-site testing True 1492586690
HOME THEATER INR 0 INR 0 With JOMSON CONTROLS HOME THEATRE PACKAGE you can enjoy theatre quality movies with high definition viewing and surrounding sound. We recreate a true home cinema experience in the comforts of your own home. Feel the movie as in a movie theatre while enjoying the comforts of home. It cost lot less than you think.From a simple surround sound system for your living room, to transforming a room in your residence into a home theater room ; rest assured we will work with you to make it a space that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Home Theater Design Services: Projector / TV Sound proof room Theatre room interior Surround sound audio system Blue Ray player Media Player In-ceiling / in-wall speakers Touch screen to operate the system as well as to control the lighting Programming, full installation and on-site testing True 1494058260
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